antibiotics & Secondary Metabolite Analysis SHell
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Search a genome sequence for secondary metabolite biosynthesis gene clusters:
Email address (optional)
Load a file in GenBank / EMBL format (recommended) or in FASTA format
Or input NCBI accession number of desired file
Limit prediction to an input region (ignored for multi-sequence records)
Detect putative gene clusters using the ClusterFinder algorithm
For ClusterFinder-predicted clusters:
BLAST comparisons to other gene clusters:
Additional annotations:
Optional analyses with a long runtime
Homology based metabolic modeling pipeline against template model:
Requires EC number predictions
Analyze one or more amino acid sequences to identify secondary metabolite scaffold biosynthesis genes:
Email address (optional)
Input (comma-separated) NCBI accession number(s) of desired protein(s)
Additional annotations:
Display results for an existing job